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A lot about nothing.: It's so upsetting seeing loads of young girls...


on my dash openly believe that they’re ugly, fat, worthless and just hideous and repulsive in every way; so obviously my natural reaction is to say/do something about it.

I was and still partly am (somedays) one of those girls. I’ve been bullied pretty much my whole life - it still happens. I’m…

This is lovely, you’re beautiful :)

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  3. the-amazing-bouncing-ferret said: I love you. so much. thank you my beautiful beautiful friend. <3
  4. artycustard said: thankyou so much, so are you! :D - I just hope people take the advise seriously. There’s enough hate in the world as it is. We need to learn how to love a little more. Glad you enjoyed it though(:
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    This is lovely, you’re beautiful :)
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